Welcome to Georgia On Our Mind: Updates from Parker Poe Atlanta! This is our first entry in a new blog intended to bring to the fore issues, thoughts, and ideas related to Parker Poe’s legal practice in Atlanta. Each month, we intend to publish as part of this blog legal items of interest that, most importantly, impact the way you run your business in the City of Atlanta, the State of Georgia, and the Southeast overall.

Part of Parker Poe’s strength is the way all our different offices are integrated as a whole. This blog will not change that. You will see over time that several of our participant bloggers will be lawyers whose practices touch both the Carolinas and Georgia. We pride ourselves on our collaboration (and collegiality) between different offices.

However, we do want to highlight for our friends and clients some of the things that are perhaps unique to Atlanta and that we think will influence the ways in which you approach your business and your disputes within the State of Georgia. Every month, we will be blogging about those issues. Our goal is to help identify them and explain how they’re impacting our clients and others who do business in the state.

We want to hear from you as we progress. We want to know if we are discussing issues that are relevant to your business and its successes. Like so many things, our goal is a discussion. And we look forward to talking to you about these topics for years to come.

Celebrating Our Second Year: We Continue to Grow

As we approach the end of 2017, we look back and realize Parker Poe Atlanta had a great year. We continued to add new members to our team, we grew our client base, and we achieved notable successes. Those successes include closing multiple bond deals on behalf of different clients, trial victories within the litigation teams, and obtaining winning results for our employment clients. Parker Poe’s Atlanta lawyers have worked within the business and corporate litigation, employment, environmental, intellectual property litigation, real estate, and tax fields.

Leaving You With a Note on Our Commitment to Diversity

Parker Poe focuses on the issues that impact our clients the most. Today, there are many. For our first blog post we could have chosen to talk about data security, textualism as a new legal approach for the Georgia Supreme Court, or various public finance issues facing the state. But we wanted to briefly discuss one of the foremost topics we hear about in “the city too busy to hate” – diversity.

Parker Poe has a strong commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Diversity is central to Parker Poe’s core values and strategic vision, which enhances both the firm’s work environment and our ability to best serve you, our clients. As a firm, we hear time and again that diversity is important to you. We understand that, and we understand the reasons why. It is not only about counting numbers and opportunities, it is about the benefit and strength of legal representation that arises when the members of your team bring different perspectives to the issues that most impact your business.

To further that charge, Parker Poe recently completed its annual diversity training. All employees from across all of our offices were required to participate in the program. The sessions, by intent, were not always comfortable. However, they were always thought-provoking and educational. One of our themes for the year is learning to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable,” ensuring that all chains of communication are open as we continue to embrace awareness and welcome different perspectives.

Atlanta is perhaps one of the most racially diverse cities in the country, if not the world, and it brings together people from all walks of life who have collaborated to bring tremendous growth to the city. Parker Poe and its Atlanta office are part of that commitment.

Until Next Time

It’s early November, and the holiday season is upon us. In the crush of holiday parties to come, the Atlanta office of Parker Poe was thrilled to celebrate the mutual successes of the firm and our clients with our 2017 Fall Social.

We understand that our success is not possible without the success of our clients. That is why we were so excited to gather and hear about your individual and corporate successes. Hearing from our clients about their achievements in 2017, and hopefully our small contribution to them, is the most meaningful type of celebration for a law firm.

We look forward to more connections and conversations in 2018 and wish you – early – great success in the upcoming year.

John Amabile

Micheal Binns

Todd Sprinkle